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THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This homeopathic remedy is irreplacable in our family. It is easy on baby's system and work much better than other pain medications on the market. Viburcol calms a baby when teething, fever, colic, cold or any kind ofárestlessnes. It has saved us many times and you will not find our family without some at home or when we travel as long as we have children. I had my family send us viburcol from Germany before I found a source to buy it in the US. á

Viburcol«áBaby Pureáby Heel Inc.


Alcohol-free Oral Drops

Therapeutic use:
For infants and children in conditions of restlessness with or without fever;
symptomatic treatment of common infections. Teething problems and colic

package contains 10 vials (1 ml each)