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Popular Baby Sling Positions

Your woven wrap, no matter the brand, will come with instructions. to view more of the possible holds one can do with a woven wrap, please visit

All instructions for the holds shown are on the childrensneeds DVD on tying your woven wrap.


The cradle style is nice for newborns. Not all newborns like it though. Just experiment with your baby and soon you'll find your and your baby's favorite hold.


The backpack carrying position is my favorite when I am cleaning or hiking. My baby or my toddler is out of the way and I can get some work done. Another variation would be to use the wrap crossed carry on your back for a little more security as it crosses under the baby's buttock.My children often nap in one of the position on my back, even when 2 or 3 year old. Makes for a strong back, nobody will mess with you.


The Cross-Carry is another of my favorites. I tie it in the morning, leave it on all day, and just slip the baby in and out. Great for shopping or running errands. If baby goes to sleep, just pull the side of the sling up and it will secure the childs head to your body. There are several variations of this cross carry and you'll be sure to find one you like. Some of them work with a size 4 or 4.1m sling already.

It is possible to have your baby facing out, however, it is stronly discouraged. It does not allow for the proper hip or back support. It pushes your baby's back in to a hollow position and for boys it puts a lot of weight on their testicles, which can lead to infections. The dangling hip can encourage hip dysplasia. Because of the center of gravity hanging far in front of you, this is also not a position favorable for you. Makes your baby seem heavier and it pulls more on your shoulders. Overall not a position recommended by Doctors or midwifes.

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The hip-carrying position works well for babies and toddlers and is easily moved to the back if you need your baby out of the way for a moment. It is nice to have a smaller size sling for this position as there will be a lot of excess fabric with a longer one. Carrying a child for longer periods of time is hard on your one shoulder supporting all the weight. It is best to try other options, which are plenty with a woven wrap sling, to see if there is one that will be a little more comfortable for long periods of time.


The Kangaroo-Carry is quickly tied and comfortable for both mother/father and child. The front carrying positions also allow you to cuddle your child frequently as they watch you work.


This wrap cross carry is probably the most used carry for a newborn. It gets used in our house shortly after our babies are born at home. After about 6-8 weeks we start using the cross carry more or what I call the reverse wrap cross carry. Same tying method, only started on the back. All the terms make more sense once you see the instructions and start wrapping.