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Never Fail Backwrap by Walter's Organic

Never Fail Security The MUST Have organic woven wrap for any baby wearer!
This Never Fail Backwrap is by far the most secure, yet comfortable baby carrier on the market. Through its unique design with a little seat in the middle, it gives the babywearer the security of a harness carrier with the unmatched comfort of a woven wrap.

Convincing customer comments:

Hi Beate~~ Thank you so much for the never-fail backwrap. It was a real lifesaver while we were on vacation! My daughter and I both loved it. The weave was very different from what I was expecting--but I was pleasantly surprised. It felt like a well-loved favorite blanket. I found it to be somehow "cozier" than my storch (and I do love my storch!!!). In fact, a complete stranger stopped me and commented on the beauty of the weave. I know it is the never-fail 'backwrap,' but we wore it on the front quite a bit. Works well there, too! I especially loved the soft, "cushy" feeling of the wrap---kind of like my daughter had a little pillow supporting her all around. But the absolute BEST thing was that when she was on my back, I didn't have to constantly check her position to make sure she wasn't falling out! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautiful wrap! Katie

Hi Beate~~ I was just reading about your travels in Europe on your site. I wanted to let you know AGAIN how much I'm loving my never-fail back wrap. It is the most comfortable wrap I own. And no "bum-popping" ever! Do you know when you will have it up for sale? So many people ask me about it, and I'd like to refer them to your site. I do not know of any other wrap like it.

I read on TBW about these moms who have many, many wraps in their "stash." I would love to own different colors and patterns as well. It's just not economical for me. But as long as I have my never-fail, I do not need others. It goes EVERYWHERE with me. It washes well, is sturdy, and I'll say again...very comfortable. Thank you for creating the perfect all-purpose wrap. K.T.

The Never Fail Backwrap can be worn as kangaroo carry in the front, kangaroo hip carry on either hip, or of course for the perfect back carry.

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